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Shea Body Butter
Shea Body Butter
Shea Body Butter


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Our Cacao body butter is extremely rich and so luxurious, it’s good enough to eat! As you touch the soft whipped peaks of cream and gently apply it to your skin, feel your mind and body ignite with intense cocoa sensations. Combining the best of hydration and nourishing qualities, be sure to add your cocoa body butter to your next skincare regime.

Scent : Unscented/Soft/Cocoa

Texture : Rich/Whipped Cream

Ingredients : Shea + Cocoa + Coconut + Rosehip + Avocado

Benefits : Vitamin [E B C] + Anti-Aging + Maintains Skins Elasticity

Intense Hydration/24h Moisturizer

100% Natural