How long does a Jar usually last for? This depends on each customer’s use, some apply lightly and some like it heavier. However, we have noticed that a 9oz jar usually lasts for 2.5 months on average.


How strong are the scents? All our scents are subtle and soft when applied on the skin and pair perfectly with any fragrance or oil.


Do the butters expire? Our Butters have a shelf life of 2yrs. You can still use it after that, but we can’t guarantee any nutritional benefits after 2yrs.


Where should I store it? We advise storing it in a cool area, because if exposed to heat, the butters will melt.


What should I do if it melts? Place in the fridge or a cool area and the butters will solidify. However, You could still apply the melted butters as a body oil. 


Why does my butter have some tiny black dots? Our shea is 100% organic and pure, straight from West Africa. We don’t tamper with its natural properties, hence the black dots sometimes.


What is your return policy? No Returns, Only Exchanges or Store Credit. Our policy lasts 10 days. If 10 days have gone by since shipping, we can’t offer you an exchange. To complete your exchange, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. Additional Information provided under refund policy.