SKNMUSE is a premium beauty brand with a mission to elevate the beauty experience for the modern black woman. We use the clean-beauty practices of women in West-Africa to create rich textures of creams and oils that guarantee 24hr hydration and create experiences that give you your highest form of self-care.

Our Vision is to create a luxury skincare house that elevates the beauty experience for black women.

We saw a need for skincare that catered to the body, not just the face, and we've been conquering it ever since. Our formulas are packed with nutrients that protect, heal and maintain the skin. Making your body feel like a priority; leaving you feeling soft like shea and smooth like cocoa.

We source 90% of our resources from small businesses, because we believe in grass-root economic growth. Our shea is from West-Africa, Nigeria, because we believe in giving you the purest and best.

We have a Refill Policy that saves you money and reduces waste, because we are an eco-friendly brand that believes in doing our part when it comes to saving the earth. 


Skin and Nature are the Muse for Total Body Care.