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Sknmuse is a premium beauty brand for your soul's vessel. Inspired by West African beauty practices, we use 5 of the richest ingredients in the world to create body-care rituals that give you daily moments of sensory stimulation. Leveraging cultural practices to enhance your wind-down routine, and lowering the access barriers to luxury beauty for the modern-day consumer.

Our mission is to use beauty as a tool for daily rest and ease. Consumers are constantly being tasked with to-do’s and life responsibilities, over the years quality of life has dwindled greatly and people are mentally exhausted.  Everyone might not be able to take frequent vacations to reset, but with SKNMUSE you can take 30 mins each day to check in with yourself. 

We are currently focused on body care, and use clean-beauty to bring you nourishing products that protect, heal and maintain your skin. We use the purest ingredients (like shea sourced from West-Africa, Nigeria) to leave you feeling soft like shea and smooth like cocoa. 

Helping you build an attainable self-care ritual through beauty. Giving you the tools to prioritize yourself, your rest and body, A.K.A your soul’s vessel. We all interact with beauty daily, why not use it for more than a vanity metric? 


As part of our commitment to the community and belief in grass-roots economic growth;
    • We strive to source 70% of our resources from small businesses.
    • When it comes to protecting the planet, we’re doing our part – check out our Refill Policy  that helps save you money and reduce waste. 
    • Most importantly, we sustain a therapy fund for Black kids and youth under 25, because we believe holistic self-care begins with your mental health.