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Vanilla Body Butter
Shea Body Butter
Vanilla Shea Body Butter
Madagascar Vanilla

Madagascar Vanilla

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The luxuriously whipped texture with an absorbent application is infused with nature’s richly rewarding ingredients. Apply our Madagascar Vanilla to your skin and feel the rich cream melt away for intense moisturization while invigorating your senses. The vitamin and antioxidant-enriched body butter is lightly fragranced with a kiss of vanilla.

Scent : Vanilla

Texture : Rich/Whipped Cream

Ingredients : Shea + Cocoa + Coconut + Rose-hip + Avocado + Vanilla

Benefits : Vitamin [E B C] + Antioxidants + Stimulates Collagen Production

Intense Hydration/24h Moisturizer

100% Natural


Cruelty Free


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