SKN Zine - Our Ode to Vintage Beauty Magazines

The SKN Zine is a Madison digital publication, where we pay homage to classic print publications that have and continue to influence today’s beauty culture, featuring some of our favorite Minority-Owned businesses and Muse Babes. 

November 2021 issue is dedicated to US, the SKNMUSE team! Celebrating an amazing Sophomore year in business!


September 2021 issue is dedicated to Hispanic Heritage Month, inspired by the February 1982 issue of Hola! Magazine. Copy written by Victor Becerra.

August 2021 issue is inspired by the June 1997 issue of Jet Magazine and Copy written by our Founder Ezinne,  Tamara Syed & Victor Becerra.
July 2021 issue is inspired by the  November 1961 issue of Beauty Trade and copy-written by Victor Becerra & Kara Holston
SKN Zine second edition
June 2021 issue is inspired by the 1954 DEC. issue of Ebony Magazine and copy-written by Tamara Syed.