SKN Zine - Our Ode to Vintage Beauty Magazines

The SKN Zine is a Madison digital publication, where we pay homage to classic print publications that have and continue to influence today’s beauty culture, featuring some of our favorite Minority-Owned businesses and Muse Babes. 
Introducing our Muse of The Year

Qiana Patterson: A Captivating Force of Inspiration - Igniting the Soul of SKNMUSE


In the realm of luxury skincare, where innovation harmonizes with beauty, one remarkable investor   has not only embraced the essence  of SKNMUSE but has  become its very muse, infusing the brand with her spirit, passion, and unyielding commitment to authenticity. Meet Qiana Patterson - a world traveler, educator, guiding star, an enigmatic force, and embodiment of the values that define SKNMUSE.

In a world often overshadowed by fleeting trends and superficial allure, Qiana's perspective resonates deeply with SKNMUSE's core ethos. In her own words, "What inspires me most about SKNMUSE is the authenticity. From the ingredients to the branding, it just feels genuine and approachable without the hype. What has been cultivated by SKNMUSE just feels right, and I want something as real and bold as I like to think I am." Her discerning eye recognizes the sincerity that radiates from every facet of the brand - an authenticity that mirrors her own unwavering dedication to championing causes she holds dear. 

Qiana's remarkable journey, though graced with accomplishments that shine brightly, is a testament to her dynamic character. As an investor, she acknowledges the surprises that unfold within her own being and marvels at the beautiful complexity of human experience. When asked what about her would surprise most people, she playfully retorted, "Ha! Everything—and quite frankly, that's what I love about being me." She went on to explain her ongoing journey of finding a level of comfortability within herself, adding “Perhaps I do exude confidence, and it will likely surprise many that even when I am projecting confidence, I'm really trying to layer on comfort, wholeness, and gentleness in a way the world often does not.” This refreshing vulnerability embodies our commitment to embracing wisdom and celebrating the quiet, loving moments of self-care that lay the groundwork for our greatest achievements.

Qiana's journey from an educator to a tech leader is a testament to her multifaceted brilliance. Starting her career as a teacher and Dean of Students in the Los Angeles Unified School District, she seamlessly transitioned into the tech industry, leveraging her insights from the education sector to drive meaningful change. Confidence, often an outward expression of inner strength, finds its unique form in Qiana's demeanor. She acknowledges the challenges faced by women, especially Black women, in embracing their authentic selves in a world that can be limiting. Her inner exploration of self-acceptance, comfort, and gentleness is a mirror image of SKNMUSE's identity, found within sophisticated women, pillars of their communities who exude wisdom, grace, and effervescence. 

Beyond her illustrious career and groundbreaking initiatives, Qiana radiates an aura of grace and elegance. She cherishes and reveres her body, treating it with the utmost care, embracing the beauty that lies within and around her. At the heart of Qiana's self-care rituals lies a ritual that mirrors her harmonious blend of strength and serenity. Her Sundays are a sanctuary of renewal, where she immerses herself in the rhythms of life that invigorate her soul. The beats of Afro-lofi music and the delights of her favorite farmers' market infuse her day with nourishment and joy. Her ritual, deeply intertwined with self-love, culminates in a soothing yin yoga class and the caress of her beloved body oils, a testament to her commitment to holistic well-being. 

Qiana Patterson, with her vibrant spirit, unyielding authenticity, and boundless commitment to positive change, stands as an embodiment of SKNMUSE's essence. Her journey as an investor intertwines seamlessly with the brand's soul,

nurturing a partnership that is both inspiring and transformative. In her own words, "I decided early on that my mission was to approach investing with the core belief that the most underestimated founders' ideas have value, and that the result of their success would be the creation of a world where any of us would be happy to be born into at random, regardless of class, race or gender." Qiana's commitment to this mission resonates deeply with our values, making her an integral part of our brand's identity.  

In Qiana's words, "We are all individuals, humans having a human experience, and no two are alike. This includes me." Likewise, SKNMUSE invites each individual to embrace their uniqueness, to revel in their journey, and to find solace in the profound tapestry of life. Qiana's presence, a muse of substance and grace, infuses SKNMUSE with a radiance that goes beyond skincare, touching hearts and igniting the spirit of authenticity, self-love, and genuine beauty.



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SKN Zine second edition
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